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About institute

The Institute of Genetics, Physiology and Plant Protection is a public institution in the field of research and innovation, with the Ministry of Education and Research as its founder.

According to the provisions of the Decision of the Government of the Republic of Moldova regarding the activity of some public organizations in the fields of research and innovation no. 50 of 16.01.2018, the name of the I.P. The Institute of Genetics, Physiology and Plant Protection of the ASM was modified by excluding the reference to the Academy of Sciences of Moldova.

In the current structure, the Institute of Genetics, Physiology and Plant Protection was founded on 1 October 2013 at the initiative of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova by merging the Institute of Genetics and Plant Physiology of the ASM and the Institute of Plant Protection and Ecological Agriculture of the ASM in accordance with Government Decision No. 270 of 04.18.2013.

The Institutes merged hold a history of several decades founded on recognized scientific achievements in the country and abroad.

The Institute of Genetics and Plant Physiology of the ASM was established in 2005 by merger of the Institute of Genetics and Plant Physiology of the ASM, Department of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants of the Research Institute for Maize and Sorghum «Porumbeni». Performance trends have had a profound and lasting development. Theoretical bases of research in genetics and plant breeding were confirmed by establishing the Institute of Ecological Genetics in 1985, which in 1991 was renamed into the Institute of Genetics of the ASM. Research in Plant Physiology and Biochemistry have been consolidated in the Institute of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, founded in 1960 and renamed in 1991 into the Institute of Plant Physiology.

The history of the Institute of Plant Protection and Ecological Agriculture of the ASM has begun since 1969 when the All-Union Research Institute of Biological Plant Protection was set up. Setting up the Institute was conditioned by the need to develop alternative to chemical methods of plant protection and to cease dangerous impact of agricultural chemicalization. For over forty years the Institute has undergone certain restructurings being named as follows: All-Union Research Institute of Biological Plant Protection (1969 – 1992), the Institute of Biological Plant Protection of the ASM (1992 – 1999), the Research Institute for Plant Protection of the MAIA (1999 – 2005).

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